martedì 16 ottobre 2012

Great Legio contest

Great contest! Send your favourite picture of Roma SPQR sims at the e-mail address: and the better 3 will be published (with the name of the author) on this blog and will recive the follow prizes:

3 most voted pics from the people wille recive these prizes
  1. 1000 L
  2. 500 L
  3. 300 L
 Will be also a special jury prize that will consist in an armour (lorica) donated by Achille Back

  1. No photoshop  allowed to modify images or to create patchworks
  2. Photos have to have as subject military matters (military buildings, soldiers, weapons and so on)
  3. The contest is opened by tomorrow 17 October till next Tuesday
  4. Only Legio members can join the contest
  5. Every member will be able to send just one picture
  6. For the Tribuni is not allowed to use in the picture the exclusive stuff that they have
Thanks for the donation to Achille Back

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