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Nina Tiberia Glumus was born in Roma as the daughter of the Senator Gaius Antonius and his wife Livia.
Most of her youth she spent with her mother and her Nanny Silvia at the Villa Rustica, owned by her family just outside Roma; while her father was mostly occupied by his duties in the capital.
Her parents saw to it that she got a good education by private teachers as well as being taught by her mother to run a patrician household.
But her peaceful and protected life ended suddenly:
Nina was 12 years old, one day a gang of robbers raided the Villa Rustica in the evening. They killed her mother, the estate manager and the slaves, and burned the house.
By that time Silvia and the girl were just sacrificing in the little Diana temple in the garden.
Alarmed by the noise of the attack they managed to hide and finally to escape, unnoticed by the robbers.
With the help of a merchant, who picked them up on his cart the next day, they arrived at the Villa of her family in Roma two days later.
Nina suffered terribly by the death of her mother and the awful experience, but Silvia cared well for her as well as her father, during his short time.
At the age of 17 Nina's father gave her away with her consent as a wife to Zillatrius Tiberius Glumus.
Due to the duties of Zillatrius as a high officer they moved to Mediolanum for a few years.
During their time there the Gods blessed this marriage with the birth of a son, Publius Tiberius Glumus.
Today the Tiberius family is again living in Roma. The family owns a noble Villa in Roma and a Villa Rustica near the sea.
Besides her duties as the Mater familias of the Gens Tiberia, Nina serves the great Legion XIII as a Scriba and Amazon, and tries to support her husband with his IIIrd Centuria.
Both Zillatrius and Nina are very proud of thier son who is well known under the name Publio Sestio Baculo Tiberius Glumus.
Nina's father and also her true Nanny Silvia reached a great age and died a natural death.