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Publio Sestio Baculo Roma role game bio

Publio Sestio Baculo Tiberius Glumus was born in Mediolanum while his family had a house there.
He started the militar carear in the Legio XIII under Caius Julius Caesar and he went to fight in Gallia.
He had a good leadership on the recruites that were with him and thanks of some good ideas and thanks of his behaviour he became first Immunes than Principales. He was also able to provide his Legio with a “balista”. This was one of the reason for his promotion to Optio and than Centurio of the Century II.
During the war in Gallia he had occasion to show his bravery and his loyality to the Legio;here it is an exemple taken from the De Bello Gallico by Caesar:
“The camp had no more protection from the Barbarians that,noticed it, attacked. All roman soldiers was worried to loose the camp. Publio Sestio Baculo, that was left in the camp, because injured, went out from his tend and saw the enemys. He took the weapons and defended the camp from the Barbarians. In this way the other roman soldiers were able to come back and to pull back the enemys. When they arrived back Publio Sestio had to esc from the battle because of his wounds.”
For his behaviour and his loyality, under the Emperor Julianus Augustus, he was promoted Princeps of the whole Legio XIII under the Praefectus Vectus Margulis. After the death of Caesar the Glumus family recived a plot of land near Rome as a prize for his loyality to the Emperor and to the people of the Empire.
Now Publio Sestio continue to serve the Emperor and the Legio, as he always did, with his family and his friends.

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