domenica 2 novembre 2008


Petrus Cornelius Silvanus is the son of Lucius Cornelius, a Roman decurion who followed his older brother Octavius to the northern border of the province of Britannica. After Octavius was killed by rebelling tribes, Lucius was missing in action and nobody knew what happened to Petrus. After searching for them 4 weeks in vain, the family returned to Roma without them, but they never gave up the hope to meet Lucius and Petrus again one day.

Five years later, a Roman patrol discovered the young Petrus in the woods where he was hunting together with some natives who have taken the young boy from the body of his dead father, and raised and educated him as a son of their own tribe. The strong boy was indeed healthy and a very skilled hunter. Surprisingly, he still remebered some latin words, and so he was easily recognized and given the cognomen Silvanus ("from the woods") . He returned to Rome and joined Legio XIII with the ambition to follow the footprints his forefathers.

Robina Cornelia, the aging Mater Familia was all to happy to welcome Petrus Cornelius Silvanus back in the arms of the gens Cornelia. Although Petrus and Publius are serving Roma in different military units, the cousins befriended very fast as they are sharing some common interests.