sabato 11 ottobre 2008


As a member of the group you must respect your role as a representative of Legion XIII. When you appear in public wearing the group title of Legion XIII your conduct needs to be careful and polite, and your avatar appearance should be that of a human Roman legionary (your Avatar's skin may look however you like, the ancient legions recruited from all parts of the empire, and all recruits were treated equally... we only ask that while in legion "mode" you wear a human form to be visually in tune with the rest of the environment)

- Refrain from harassing citizens (verbally, sexually or violently) or any other disruptive behavior.

*Transgressors will be ejected from the Legion*

Please make sure that you have read the ROMA roleplay guidelines (found in the entrance area). Roleplay must never impinge upon the experience of a visitor to the ROMA sim who does not wish to roleplay.

- A degree of customization is permitted in dress and weapons, but historical and aesthetic restrictions apply - please avoid anachronistic material in your dress and appearance. This means stick to the guidelines of the time peroid... No firearms of any kind! Check to see that the weapon you are using is compatible with the Legion's combat system and guidelines. If you have any doubts about using a weapon then ask one of the officers.

- When on parade or participating in an event only the (free) low-prim standard issue weapons and armor may be worn.

Legion XIII is a non-profit Citizen run group, it is not officially affiliated with ROMA or its commercial business, and survives off the donations and good will of it's members. We ask you to consider making a small regular monthly donation too help pay the rent for our properties in Roma Subura (the communal fort and headquarters building), advancement of weapons and fighting systems, and the continual development of the legionaries Lorica (armor) and equipment. The fact is that if everyone in the group donated just Linden$ 100 per month (only 1 US dollar!) then we could safely afford to finance all our needs.