lunedì 13 ottobre 2008


WEDGE FORMATION: line thinned to provicde concentration in centre to smash through enemy lines.

SINGLE LINE DEFENCE: maniples all deployed in a single line to overlap enemy flanks and protect own flanks.

CANNAE TACTIC (WEAK CENTER): center left weak deliberately to envite enemy center to attack and envelopment. Require a tactical reserve behind apparently weak center.

ZAMA TACTIC: channels left beetween maniples for specific propouse of directing enemy war elephants away from the heavy infantry.

STRONG RIGHT FLANK: Strenght would be concentrated on the right flank, wich would attemp to break enemy left flank,and than roll up the line attacking the enemys from the rear.

PROTECTED FLANK: one flank protected by a natural barrier. Light infantry and cavallery all concentrated on the opposit flank.