domenica 12 ottobre 2008


*The Lorica in one of its variants: Lorica hamata, Lorica squamata, Lorica segmentata, Lorica musculata were designed to be flexible but robust.
* One or scutum shield (with special decorations for each unit)
* A balteus or Cingulum militaris (belt to hold weapons and for decoration)
* A helmet, called cassis (with protections for neck and ears). The helmet could also have a crest, and usually for petty officers.
* The gladius Gladio or a sword with a blade about 50-55 cm long, the weapon par excellence of the Roman legionary, to the right of the belt.
* The pilum or the javelin, who had the task after the launch of thrust in the shield's opponent who was forced to make private and therefore beneficial to the body for Legionnaires' body.
* The pugio dagger that was brought to balteus hooked.
* Caligae or sandals that is by running and a red tunic was common to all the legionnaires.

Lorica Hamata; Lorica Squamata; Lorica Segmentata; Lorica Muscolata

Scutum; Balteus with Pugio; Gladius


Cassis; Decurio Cassis; Optio Cassis; Centurio Cassis


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