lunedì 26 dicembre 2011

Happy Hollidays

Hello all,
I want to wish you happy hollidays!
Enjoy them, and have fun!

venerdì 16 dicembre 2011

Roma SPQR and Legio XIII presentation in RL event

Salve all,
I am happy to inform you all that tomorrow, in Roma (Real life one) will be a presentation of our Legio group and of the ROMA SPQR world, during a fund rasing by Telethon; will be shown our pics and 2 introductive videos.
This is also, hopefully, the begining of a collaboration with a historical re-enactment group called Civiltà Romana (
We have to say thanks for this opportunity expecially to:
  • the President Mr. Massimo Prioli,
  • the chief of Press and Public Reletions Office Mr. Nicola Marcelli
  • the chief of Events Organization Office Mr. Antonio Paoletti
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