martedì 19 luglio 2011

The numbers of a classical Legio

A classical Legio was made by:

1)Contuberni (companions of 8 men)
2)Centuriae (1 centuria = 10 contuberni)
3)Cohortes (1 cohors = 6 Centuriae)

There were 9 Cohortes (480 men); 1 special cohors made by 5 double centuriae (800 men);120 equites.

Total men: 5240

Jokes of the ancient Romans

Here it is a short collections of jokes of the ancient Romans from Philogelos (The Laughter Lover), a collection of some 265 jokes, likely made in the fourth or fifth century CE. Hope you will enjoy them.

1)A misogynist paid his last respects at the tomb of his dead wife. When someone asked him, "Who has gone to rest?," he replied: "Me, now that I'm alone.

2)There was another man, just like the last one - a big talker, but in fact impoverished. By chance he got sick, and his girlfriend, coming into his place without warning, found him lying on a humble mat made of reeds. Turning over, he claimed that the doctors were responsible: "The best and most famous doctors in the city ordered me to sleep on a mat like this.

3)An incompetent schoolteacher was asked who the mother of Priam was. Not knowing the answer, he said: "It's polite to call her Ma'am.

4)A young man said to his libido-driven wife: "What should we do, darling? Eat or have sex?" And she replied: "You can choose. But there's not a crumb in the house.

5)A misogynist had a wife who never stopped talking or arguing. When she died, he had her body carried on a shield to the cemetery. When someone noticed this and asked him why, he replied: "She was a fighter.


- Baldwin, Barry, trans. with commentary, The Philogelos or Laughter-Lover (Amsterdam, 1983)
- Jennings, Victoria, review of R.D. Dawe's text, BMCR 01.04.05
- Rapp, Albert, "A Greek Joe Miller" Classical Journal 46 (1951), pp.286-290 & 318
- Thierfelder, Andreas, German trans. with commentary, Philogelos, Der Lachfreund (Munich, 1968)

Legio event of 17th of July

Hello all,
this Sunday we have had an archery tournament and a trivia about the ancient army.
These are the scores:

2 wins for Tonina Rodenberger
2 wins for Peter Woody
2 wins for Achille Back

The winner of the trivia is Achille Back, with only one more point of Tonina Rodenberger

The winner of the event is Achille Back who won the medal of the event.

Congratulations to him and thanks to who have taken part to this event

martedì 12 luglio 2011


Salvete Milites,

The candidate for the Legionary of the Month award of the past month from the Centuriones has been approved by the Tribuni.

The LOTM Phalera goes to:

Praefectus Praetorio Achilles Claudius Baculum (achille.back).

I'm very honored of having been chosen for this award, that goes to all the Tribuni also. Our only target is to serve the XIII and ROMA SPQR at best. I'm sure that the troops are working hard with us for supporting our great group. Keep on like that!

Praefectus Praetorio Achilles Claudius in behalf of the Tribuni and the Praefectus Castrorum