martedì 23 giugno 2009


Senatus has sent Legio XIII to stop a rebellion of the gladiators that claim some rights. The battle will take place on June 24th, 1.00 PM at Campus Martius, in front of the doors of Ostia.Ppl can watch the event from the hill, the walls of Ostia or any high place in the surroundings.((Fighters are invited to sign to the board placed near the arena -gladiators- , or in the fort -legionairs-))

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Petrus Cornelius Silvanus ((peter Woody)) ha detto...

Great victory of the XIII against a very strong thought less numberous enemy. In fact also the Legio had wounded men and casualties. Unfortunately my equitatus vexillatio was on duty elsewere, but I'm happy that the info obtained by my spies consented the deployment of the milites in the correct place.
Glory to the XIII !!!

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