venerdì 29 maggio 2009

Salve all,
I have the possibility of making caps with "LEGIO XIII" embroidered. The price has not been fixed yet; first we have to see how many people are interested.
In the attachment there is the photo of the cap; the colours can be different.
Thanks for the attention,
Primus Pilus Brodbiz Bagration

domenica 24 maggio 2009


April 2009

The medal of legionary of the month goes to:

Optio Toe Fermi


martedì 12 maggio 2009


LEGION XIII è un gruppo creato per coloro interessati all'Antica Roma e le sue Legioni. La Legione è nata con lo scopo di ricreare con la massima accuratezza possibile lo stile di vita vita ed i costumi dell'antica legione romana.
Il gruppo rispetta, nel limite delle potenzialità offerte da Second Life, il sistema dei ranghi e l'equipaggiamento utilizzato nei primi secoli della Roma imperiale.
La legione del nostro gruppo è formato da un corpo di fanteria e due corpi ausiliari: la cavalleria e le Amazzoni (queste ultime sono state inserite per non precludere la possibilità di entrare a far parte del gruppo anche alle donne).
La legione può usufruire di un forte attrezzato e di qualche "cubucula" per i legionari.
Le attività svolte consistono in combattimenti settimanali, parate e anche conferenze sull'esercito romane sempre all'interno di Second Life.
Durante lo svolgimento dei combattimenti e delle parate i centurioni e gli "Optiones" impartiscono gli ordini in latino.

Si ricorda che il gruppo Legio XIII è un gruppo no profit di persone, non strettamente legato alla ROMA SPQR sim e alle sue attività economiche, e sopravvive grazie alle donazioni dei propri membri.


The basic structure of the army is as follows:

Contubernium: (tent group) consisted of 8 men.
Centuria: (century) was made up of 10 contubernium with a total of 80 men commanded by a centurion
Cohorts: (cohort) included 6 centuriae.
Legio: (Legion) consisted of 10 cohorts.


Must learn what behavior is expected from them as members of the Legio, and get familiar with the equipment and weapons. They must learn and train in combat techniques.

Legionaries serve not only as the heart of the legion's fighting force, they are also used for many building and construction projects. Roman roads-many of which are still in existance today-are an example of legionary engineering.
Must keep on training and improve their skills. Have the duty to attend at the events and serve ROMA until the death.

IMMUNES (sing. IMMUNIS) (5 of each):
Have the duty to teach the recruits how to behave in the Legio, how to fit their armor, and how to fight using the combat system. They are directly in charge of the new recruits and must be obeyed by by them at all times. They must correct the behavior of members who are ignoring or disobeying the conduct rules. They must report all incidents (good or bad) to the upper ranks. They monitor the progress of the recruits and their attendance at training sessions.

Directly in command of the lower ranks (Much like a modern-day Sergeant). They issue orders on behalf of the Ceturio and Optio, and assist or lead training sessions and parade events. They must correct the behavior of members who are ignoring or disobeying the conduct rules, and apply discipline decided by higher ranking officers. They must make weekly reports to an Optio, or to an officer of superior rank. They monitor the leadership of the immunes to be sure they don't abuse their powers against the recruits.
On campaign he is in charge of getting the section's tent erected, along with the fortifications of the camp.

The first of the Principales ranks (non commissioned officers), the Tesserarius' primarily oversees the fatigue and guard duties for the Century.
They are assistants to the Optio. They have the responsibility of organizing guard duties for the lower ranks.

Leads the parade with the standard of the Legio and is responsible for morale - he/she leads the war chants before battles. The Signifer must be present at every parade or event where the Legio is taking part.
On campaign he carried the Century's standard (signum) into battle. This was used not only as a rallying point, but also as a visual means of communication.
Because of his high level of responsibility, the Signifier is third-in-command of the Century.

OPTIONES (sing. OPTIO) (1):
(Like the modern-day 1st Sergeant)
He is personally chosen by the Centurion to serve as his deputy.
Issue orders on behalf of the Centurio and are obeyed by all the lower ranks. They report directly to a Centurio, assist the Centurio in his work, and share command of the Century. They are partly responsible for organizing and leading group events and training sessions. They carry out administrative duties under the order of the Praefectus. They are responsible for the distribution of uniforms, equipment and weapons.
In battle the Optio would either stand behind the formation and keep troops on line and in formation, or else he would stand on the extreme left, able to coordinate with adjacent units.

They have direct command of a Century of the Legio. They are responsible for organizing and leading group events, meetings and training sessions. They teach the troops how to fight as a coordinated group and lead parade drills (Latin commands must be learnt by all during training). They are responsible for the overseeing the conduct of lower ranks and promoting or demoting members. They must monitor the reports from lower ranks and decide punishments if necessary. They have to report their intentions or plans to the Primus Pilus or Praefecto. They issue orders on behalf of the Primus Pilus or Praefecto.

The Centurions are divided as follows:

Century I - Primus Pilus
Century II - Princeps
Century III - Hastatus
Century IV - Princeps Posterior
Century V - Hastatus Posterior


Commanding centurion of the first cohort and the senior centurion of the entire Legion. Responsible for organizing and leading group events or meetings. Helps the Praefecto with running the Legio and administrative duties. Monitors the reports from lower ranks and decides punishments if necessary. Reports intentions or plans to the Praefecto. Issues orders on behalf of the Praefecto.

The camp Prefect. Overall Legionary commander - responsible for the administration of the Legio and auxiliary units. Coordinates production and distribution of uniforms, equipment, weapons and gadgets. Coordinates and organizes events and inter-sim activities. Responsible for the financial administration of the Legio.

We will not have a Legatus Legionis or a Tribunus Laticlavius.

sabato 9 maggio 2009


It is with great honor that the centuriones announce the winner of the Legion Indoor Tournament.

1st place went to Optio Alekso Minotaur.

Congratulations also to the recruit Octavian Dernzen who reached the final.

The first place won the Corona Castrorum, high honorable prize for a soldier wich defeated the enemy.


Thanks to all the members that took part at this event! All made a great job and we were able to have fun.
The final was beetween Alekso and Octavian and after a close fight Alekso won.
It is to appreciate very much that Octavian, that is a recruit, he was able to reach the final match.
Many congratulations to Alekso, that confirmed to be one of the most valuble fighters of the Legio.
(Photo of Alekso will load soon).
Primus Pilus Brodbiz Bagration