martedì 31 marzo 2009

Ode to the Thirteenth.

Archaeologists digging at an old temple recently discovered an ancient tablet at the bottom of a sacrificial well. The tablet has now been cleaned up and translated - I thought you might like to read the contents:

O Venus, hear a mother's plea,
And bring the Thirteenth home to me,
Please keep this flame for them to see,
A light to guide them home.
They're coming now in straggling bands,
Across the sims of foreign lands,
Reach out your arms and hold their hands,
So they are not alone.

The battle's won, the danger's gone,
Their duty drove the Legion on,
They even crossed the Rubicon,
They could not turn again.
They've given all that they could give,
O Venus, let them all still live,
I'm pleading in the vocative,
Guard all those that remain.

Now Roma's safety's in the bag,
Please lift them if they start to sag,
Protect them from the chronic lag,
As they return exhausted.
Attach warm helmets to their chin,
Help them to find replacement skin,
And calm them when they can't log in,
Or rez their lovely horses.

Make sure they have some room to sit,
They're coming home to be re-fit,
Their work is done, they didn't quit,
The enemy surrendered.
The Thirteenth now, its centuries three,
Its Amazons and its Cavalry,
Its Celts, and its Marines at sea,
Will always be re-rendered.

lunedì 30 marzo 2009


Salve all,
we had an high officers meeting and we decided that the only LEGIO XIII blog it will be the blogger one at this address
The other groups as in the Theatrum Romanum will be deleted soon.
Primus Pilus Brodbiz Bagration

Legio XIII Equipment Vendor

Ave Legio XIII Gemina!
If you have lost a piece of equipment or a weapon, or missed an update, you can (after you have been flogged) re-equip yourself using the Legio XIII Equipment Vendor (see attached landmark). Note that you must be wearing the correct group title to access the vendor.

Praefectus Vectus Margulis

sabato 14 marzo 2009


Hello all,
here there are the new round of promotions.

Melanippe Karas is now Optio of Amazzons
Toe Fermi is now Optio
Toth Auebauch is now Optio
Peter Woody is now Optio
Alekso Minotaur is now Optio
Paol Franizzi is now Tesserarius

Congratulation all!

domenica 8 marzo 2009


Salvete Amazons and Legionaries!

Helena Eiren and Iain Carbenell have successfully finished their recruitment period.

Scriba Nina on behalf of Praefectus Vectus Margulis and the Centuriones