martedì 2 dicembre 2008

Alekso Minotaur's bio

Alexius Sejanus, brother of Lucius Aelius Sejanus, since he was a little child, was sent to military schools to get him ready to represent his family in the glorious army of the Empire. When he was only 15 years old he has been sent to Greece for the campain going on there. This took almost two years, cause the training plan of his powerful father was to let him growing among the soldiers in several garrisons along the way to Greece, to temper his bones. Once he got to Greece, he had several battles, and regardless to his lineage, he ever was in the frontlines as a Milites. Fortunately he came out of each battle just slightly injured, due to his long training, watching the Death in the face sometimes. Finally, his service period came to the end for Emperor's order, after 12 years of training and battles along the way and in the final destination battlefield, Greece. Once the longed order to come back to Roma has been received, he was embarked on the first ship sailing to Ostia, but...already at his first trip day, a terrible storm involved the ship and sank it down, leaving Alexius in the middle of the sea, grappled to a barrel, until he approached to the Insula Minotaurii, an island blamed to be the Minotaurus descendant's shelter. In reality, the population was kind and polite, just very furry and shaggy headed, reason for the sailor's fear and cause of that legend. Unfortunately, that population had only primitive tools for building, that made Alexius working for further 3 years in order to be able to build a solid boat, capable to reach the Cretae's coasts.

Finally he reached Cretae's coast, after one whole day rowing against the sea's and wind's evilness, and once landed he just could reach the closest roman garrison, falling down fainted. When he woke up, he could talk to the local Praet Praefectus, being aknowledged about the rumors of his survival in the cursed island. The local population was scared and astonished by the fact that Alexius came back from that island still alive, assigning him the nickname Minotaurii, "of the Minotaurus". This time, the local Praet Praefectus organized a group of ships to reach Ostia, cause there were many legionaires who had to go back home, and cause if any problem would be occurred along the way, he wouldn't be alone. Taking advantage of both issues, the Praet Praefectus could organize a fleet quite quickly, and as quickly Alexius could get on board of the ship which would have brought him back to his family.

Once at home, Alexius didn't know what to do of his life...his father died in the meantime, and all his family believed he died too on the battlefield. The politician's life just didn't fit for him, and all the family's business were already occupied by his relatives...thus he decided to go back to the Legion, as Milites as his father's order said, waiting for the right moment to be promoted while serving the Almighty Emperor in the extreemely difficult mission of bringing the civilization upto the known world's borders.