lunedì 20 dicembre 2010


at the legion gladius deathmatch we have been honored to award the following soldiers:

Decurio Petrus Cornelius (peter woody), 1st place: phalera, RAS badge, 2000 sestertii
Immunis Amazona Megara, 2nd place: 1000 sestertii

Ex Tiro Dragonofnight finished his recruitment and reached the status of Miles.

A special thank to the civilians (but not so civilians) Alexius Sejianus (Alekso Minotaur) and Senator Enamabala for partecipating the contest.

In behalf of the Centuriones I wish to tell to Decanus Ferox Ragark well done in directing the event.

Princeps Achilles Claudius (Achille Back)

martedì 14 dicembre 2010


During the last training (11.12.2010) we had the honor to announce 3 happy news:

Decurio Petrus Cornelius Silvanus (peter Woody) earned a phalera (medal)

Miles Hywther earned a phalera (medal)

Ex-Tiro Jale got promoted to full Miles rank.

In behalf of the Centuriones I want to congratulate with you and wish you good luck for your future.

Princeps Achilles Claudius