martedì 4 novembre 2008


Achilles, son of Lucius Claudius, is a roman citizen from the city of Mediolanum.

Lucius had the passion of great warriors, that's why he named his sons after some of them. Three sons, as Perseus, Achilles and Hector.
All of his three sons were teached in fighting and war arts since they were very jung. Hector and Perseus suddently started the military career, but not Achilles, he always said that a roman man should first use the head, then the sword.
Achilles started to learn greek architecture and philosophy and became soon one of the most favourite Architects of the Praefectus Urbis of Mediolanum, this is why of his cognomen Baculum (Measure Ruler).

A bad new then arrived from the German Limes, his brothers Perseus and Hector, after a battle, couldnt be found anymore.
The love for his brothers and the pression from his father made Achilles come to ROMA and join the Legion, the only way to understand and discover what happened to them.

Achilles Claudius Bacorius serves now in the XIII Legio and in the Praetorian Imperial Guard.